Wolfpack Resubscription Signup

Dear Vinovore Wolfpack Member,

First and foremost, thank you for being a member of the pack! We love sharing women-made wine, and it's truly a treat to have you tasting along with us as we explore new wines and winemakers from near and far each month. As we move into the spring and summer seasons, we look forward to some truly delightful new wines and winemakers, and we hope that you enjoy what's to come as much as we do!

On that note, there are some (hopefully) small but mighty changes:

Here's what you need to know AND DO:

To enjoy all this goodness, and keep your membership active and uninterrupted, please re-subscribe by June 18th. You may do this via ONE of our websites:



The fine details:

  1. The Great News: To support our growing pack, we have revamped our membership portal, allowing for some new features and a more user-friendly experience for you! Easier-to-navigate member accounts, which means you’ll be able to manage your membership in a snap—pausing, adding or revising your subscription as needed. We think you'll love our new cart and checkout process, too. 

  2. The OK News: In order to continue with your Wolfpack Membership, we will need you to re-subscribe to keep your membership active and uninterrupted. Our system automatically encrypts your payment data—for your security—which is why we can't simply make these changes for you, and let you get on with your day. You may re-subscribe for yourself on one of our websites: HERE for Eagle Rock, or HERE for Silver Lake. Only re-subscribe on one site, which is where your membership account will live, and where your wine will be available for pick-up/shipping/delivery. If you'd like our help re-subscribing that's no problem too! Just give us a call, or reply to this email, and we can get you all set up.

  3. The Good News: We want you to stay! Please take 10% off your new "first" month’s subscription when you re-subscribe. Use code WPWELCOME10 at checkout.

  4. What Else To Know: Whatever stage you are in with your current membership, don’t worry—the wine you have paid for on your last renewal is ready for you, in whatever method of fulfillment you usually have. This includes all levels of membership; month-to-month and prepaid. Please create your new account (or get in touch so we can assist) by June 18th. Starting immediately you will not be able to access your current Wolfpack account via the link on our main site (though you will still be able to access it directly via email notifications you’ve received from past orders).

And don't forget to use code: WPWELCOME10

Whew! It’s a lot, we know. If you’ve read this far, we hope you’re still with us. We want to make this transition as easy as possible, and we know change—even a small one—can feel complicated. We’re here to make it as seamless as possible, and are happy to help you every step of the way (with or without a glass in hand).

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