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You Know

We party, Right?

Well you’re going to need wine for sure and better yet, some amazing wine made by women!

We offer discounts for larger orders and are happy to help guide you with the best choices for your event. Food pairings, toast-worthy wines, budget friendly options—we can tailor packages just for what you need.

We can even deliver, ship or sometimes even serve, from the awesome Vinovan, VANessa! 

Get in touch and we'll get this party started!

What Kind of Vinovore Are you?

Whimsical and vivacious? Opulent and bold? Whatever your taste, there's an animal for that. Get to know your Vinovore Spirit Animal(s), then shop based on your tastes.

Bronze T Rex

No one since the dawn of time is bigger and badder than the T-Rex. A born leader that sits at the very tippy top of the food chain and never has to settle for scraps. Rawr!!

MOOD: Audacious, opulent, indulgent, sexy.

WINES: Huge reds, tannic reds, bold reds, important reds.

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Gold Owl

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a wine bottle? Perhaps only the wine-wise Owl knows. Mysterious with a rich appetite for the golden treasures in life. Hoot hoot!

MOOD: Impressive, fabulous, bacchanal.

WINES: Old-world whites, important whites, real champagne.

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Green Snake

Curious and graceful as you move through the world. Sometimes suspicious of the overly complicated. A true lover of nature and all it has to offer. So flick that tongue and drink that wine!

MOOD: Inquisitive, breezy, devil-may-care.

WINES: Young & herbaceous whites, very light, bright vegetal reds.

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Silver Fox

An elegant taste maker with desires of the finer things in life. A refined, sharp and sleek mind. Don't mess with a Silver Fox or chances are your invite will get lost in the mail.

MOOD: Extravagant, crafty, exquisite.

WINES: Fresh sparkling wine, crisp, briny & mineral wines.

Shop Silver Fox Wines

Red Lion

A hair wild but definitely in charge of the realm. Although fierce to the naked eye you are ultimately the epitome of suave and chill. The Lion knows that wine is pride, not pretension..

MOOD: Ferocious, rustic, debonair.

WINES: Earthy reds, smooth reds, fine & smokey reds.

Shop Red Lion Wines

Pink Pony

Passionate and free running, frisky and flirty, there isn't a soul who wouldn't want to drink with you. You love that feeling of the wind in your mane and the wine in your veins.

MOOD: Whimsical, vivacious, coltish.

WINES: Fruity light reds & whites, juicy & beaming rosés.

Shop Pink Pony Wines

Purple Ape

Cheeky Purple Ape is always ready to par-tay. At times lacking self control who but says that's a bad thing? There's no rumble in the jungle because you keep it loosey & juicy!

MOOD: Saucy, unadorned, kinky.

WINES: Fresh & young wines, jammy & bright reds.

Shop Purple Ape Wines

Orange Tiger

Tiger can be the most exotic creature of the night. Flamboyant and daring with primal appetites, your tastes are as bold as they are unique. And let us be honest, wine is grrrrrrrrreat!

MOOD: Daring, experimental, alluring.

WINES: Orange wines, sophisticated roses, obscure light reds.

Shop Orange Tiger Wines

Yellow Rabbit

Playful and versatile, the Ribbit can go all night but knows there is always time to stop and smell the flowers. An agile and easy drinker because life is good and so is wine...

MOOD: Spunky, elastic, happy-go-lucky.

WINES: Creamy whites, floral whites, supple whites.

Shop Yellow Rabbit Wines