Wine on shelves next to a Zoltar fortune telling machine

Urban Daddy - September 2017

A Silver Lake Wine Shop That Unleashes the Beast

A Female-Forward Spot From the Owners of Hot Hot Food


This week you're being issued a new spirit animal.

It might be a pink pony or purple ape.

And, unlike your current non-real creature representative, it's going to get you buzzed.

Follow us into Vinovore, a fun neighborhood shop spotlighting female winemakers and unleashing your inner beast. It opens Friday in Silver Lake.

This small store comes from Coly Den Haan and Dean Harada of Hot Hot Food up the street. Coley spent years developing wine programs for local restaurants, including her own places the Must and the Perch, which you've doubtless enjoyed.

Now she's taking proper steps to ensure buying wine here isn't intimidating. With a Zoltar machine and Slinkys and a sweet tiger painting appearing among the bottles. And a simple chart matching your wine preferences with a brightly colored animal, so you don't really have to actually engage anyone to find something interesting.

Though they're totally happy to help you choose from over 100 wines, mostly from female winemakers around the world, with all the rosé, biodynamic, Finger Lakes, terracotta-fermented or unfiltered ephemera someone may desire.

And someday soon, they hope to offer tastings. And small bites. And plan to debut a bookstore in here, so they can pair your wine to classic novels.

Your new spirit animal looks forward to Animal Farm.


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