Shot of the inside of Vinovore Silver Lake, and the wall of wine

Time Out Los Angeles - February 2022

Vinovore's WINEsplaining virtual wine tasting class

Time Out Says

One of L.A.'s best bottle shops is going digital. The woman-owned and -focused Silver Lake wine store Vinovore now hosts online tasting events, where the bottles of wine come straight to you.

During Vinovore's WINEsplaining tastings, makers from around the world log on with a private Zoom code—shared with you after your purchase—and walk you through their method and tasting notes for the wines to be discussed, plus share some insights about the industry.

Think you could cheers to that? You can order your bottles ahead of time, opting for one variety, two varieties, or a package deal of both at a discount, then pick them up curbside for free. There's also same and next-day local delivery to select areas; and even an option to FedEx the bottles to you if you're outside the radius, all at an additional charge.

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