The Wine Situation - April 2019

The Wine Situation - April 2019


This week Shaughn and Ellen are joined by Coly Den Haan, owner of wine shop Vinovore, where the wines are made by women!

But first they reveal the Grape of Thrones. This week it’s Vermentino, aka Favorita, aka Pigato, aka Rolle…it’s delicious!

Coly Den Haan brought them a gem from her shop, a Petillant Naturel made by Margins Wine. It takes a little while to open without spilling but in the meantime Coly tells them the tale behind her journey to store ownership. It all started with bartending and taking wine classes. 

They all go through the chart that Vinovore uses to help you pick what sort of wine you’d like. It’s like a personality test with animals and wine! Shaughn is a Gold Owl, Ellen is a Pink Pony and David is a Purple Ape, take a listen to see if the results match their taste in wine!

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