The Recreationalist - September 2020

The Recreationalist - September 2020

The Recreationalist’s Guide to Los Angeles

Silver Lake

Trendy, young, and brimming with creatives working on their next big idea, Silver Lake is definitely worth the occasional splurge.

Virgil Village

Situated on “the cusp of Silver Lake and East Hollywood,” Virgil Village is particularly perfect for a quick Recreational break because of its scattered assortment of miniature public parks. (Picture that episode of “Parks and Recreation” where they’re literally municipalizing a patch of grass.)

Madge always looks forward to a light stretch after a busy day at Bellevue Recreation Center.

If you’re in the area on a weekend morning, Madge suggests grabbing brunch at Jewel before a nice window stroll down Hoover Street. Stop by Vinovore, a “feminist wine shop, which is the most Silver Lake thing ever,” for a bottle of Madge’s favorite Meinklang orange wine.

If you’re up for a drink or two, stop in at Melody Wine Bar for some patio time. “Right now they have different food pop-ups every week!”

For all of our non-meat eaters, check out Flore Vegan for Madge’s favorite vegan mac and cheese.

Hike Clerb founder Evelynn Escobar-Thomas recommends Monty’s Good Burger in nearby Echo Park for great Impossible burgers and “tator tots that win the whole game.”

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