Coly Den Haan standing in front of Vinovore

The Manual - December 2021

What Sommeliers are Drinking at Home

Ever wonder what the brightest minds in their field do in their off time? So do we. That inspired us to pick the brains of Michelin-starred chefs to see what they’re munching on at home. Now, we’re asking the top winos in the land what they like to drink away from the workplace.

It’s an irresistible question, sort of like asking which fellow athletes a star pro basketball player appreciates, or what hacks a sleep expert uses to snooze better. These people are at the top of their field for a reason, and we can’t help but want to be flies on their walls. In this case, we want to nose through their fridges, wine cellars, and home bars.

Coly Den Haan is a sommelier and wine shop owner based in Southern California. Her store, Vinovore, is a bottle shop set along the edge of the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. It’s run by women and features women winemakers, along with selections from sake, beer, and cider producers. For Den Haan, when she’s off the clock it’s all about sipping on a classic.

“As much as I love wine and how it’s a major part of my life, at home I tend to go straight for an ice-cold martini,” she says. “My current favorite is two parts Future Gin, one part Dolin extra dry vermouth, a splash of dirty juice with an olive and a twist!”

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