Wine bottles on a shelf - mostly red and rosé

Tasting Panel - December 2017

Vinovore offers an innovative shopping experience while specializing in female winemakers.

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Befitting of the bohemian Silver Lake neighborhood to which it has just opened its doors, Vinovore is a new wine retail shop with a unique twist and commendatory spin.

The twist is an animal-centric wine tasting chart that helps consumers identify the wine style they're seeking. Once this has been determined, you can look for those bottles with the corresponding sticker. It's akin to finding your spirit animal--or the spirit animal of the person you're buying that special bottle for, of course.

And the commendatory spin? More than 90 percent of the wines sold at Vinovore are made by women. Owner Coly Den Haan elaborated on the inclusive concept behind the store as I watched a hip Angeleno couple sipe rose by an old Zoltar fortune teller machine. "Regardless of who made the wine, you're going to walk out of here with a great bottle," she says. "I wanted to create a shopping experience and environment that was warm, casual, and all-encompassing. Most of these wine are pretty geeky, most of them are natural, but even if you don't know much about wine you can just go [to] this chart and pick out that perfect bottle of wine all by yourself."

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