Secret Los Angeles - August 2022

Secret Los Angeles - August 2022

16 Incredible Women-Owned Businesses You Need To Check Out In L.A.

These women-owned businesses in L.A. are a delicious dose of inspiration!

We like to put our money where our mouth is by supporting local businesses that make a difference in their community―like keeping Angelenos fed. From fulfilling breakfast burritos, and birria ramen to fresh cocktails and magical coffees, these incredible women-owned businesses are shaping L.A.’s food scene! Whatever you’re craving, this list will satisfy it.

1. Senoreata

Evanice is a Cuban, Brazilian American who started Senoreata as a way to connect with her roots even through her veganism. Inspired by her family, her food is made with love, and every bite is a taste of her culture. Her pop-up is open every Sunday at Smorgusburg―that way you can have her delicious Cuban sandwiches and guava pastelitos every weekend.

Location: Sundays at Smorgusburg, 777 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90021


2. Home State

Briana grew up in Texas and eventually found herself in California. She missed the food she knew and loved back home. That’s when she decided to bring some of that Texan hospitality and good eats to Los Angeles. She opened up Home State Hollywood, where people can enjoy breakfast tacos, burritos, and queso―all while having a sense of belonging and community.

Location: 4624 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027


3. Susie Cakes

Susan Sarich always dreamed of owning a bakery. No matter what obstacles got in her way, it was a goal that she refused to give up on. Today, her bakery Susie Cakes is one of the most popular bakeries in Los Angeles, and she has multiple locations across California. Whether you want freshly baked chocolate chip cookies or frosted cake, her bakery has it all.

Location: 11708 San Vicente Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90049


4. Nimbus Coffee

Eviana was sitting at a coffee shop buried in books when she began longing to be somewhere else. That’s when the idea of Nimbus Coffee came to life. Along with her mother Shawn, they decided to change up the mundane reality of a cafe and add some wizardry. They opened up a “diverse space where culture and coffee meet; where our ideas, voices and recipes would thrive.” Not only are their drinks and food enchanting, they truly transport you to a magical place.

Location: 1115 S Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90015


5. Bar Flores

Karla Flores-Mercado was born in Mexico and came to Los Angeles at a young age. Her heritage along with West Coast influences can be found at Bar Flores. The live music, vibrant colors, fresh flowers, and beautiful cocktails allow Angelenos to escape for the night, right at home.

Location: 1542 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026


6. Birria x Godz

Ashley always had a love for cooking. Being a Latina raised in LA, she grew up with and was exposed to different cultures and cuisines. That’s where her passion for cooking truly blossomed and how Birria x Gods was born. They offer juicy birria tacos, cheesy quesadillas, and flavorful birria ramen. Driven by her family and frequent patrons, her food is served with love and dedication.

You can find Birria x Godz every Saturday at Verdugo bar. Check out their updated schedule on Instagram.

Location: 3408 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065


7. Calabama

Los Angeles Chef Cara Haltiwanger created Calabama to share some of her Southern comfort food in California. This innovative pop-up first started at local coffee shops, but that all changed once the pandemic hit. Now, with a help of a rope and a bucket, Haltiwanger serves her toasty and cheesy egg sandwiches from four stories up.

All orders for Calabama are made through her Instagram. Pick-ups happen on Sundays only and time slots are made available on Thursday.


8. Burrito Break

BurritoBreak offers affordable and sustainable burritos, salads, and soup made fresh daily. The sister-duo got their recipes from their mother and are inspired by their Mexican roots. For how delicious their food is, Claudia and Laura’s low prices are often met with surprise―and delight! These sisters share that it’s important for them to keep their prices low and keep hard-working Angelenos fed.

Location: St Vincent Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90014


9. Relentless Brewing & Spirits

This small craft brewery is found in Eagle Rock and offers an array of drinks to quench your thirst. They are also one of the few spots in the area that offer a delicious Asian American Fusion for breakfast. Their menu includes Ube Pancakes, Sriracha Bacon, Korean Egg Souffle and so much more!

Location: 2133 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041


10. Bungkus Bagus

We have another dynamic duo on our list! This sister team grew up in Bali and now bring the best Balinese street food to Los Angeles every Sunday. Their menu includes Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Tropical Fruit Bowl, Gado Gado salad, and so much more.

Location: Sundays at Smorgusburg, 777 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90021


11. Genever Bar

Genever is owned by three incredible women by the names of Roselma, Christine and Patricia. It’s one of our personal favorite spots with a romantic ambience and perfectly made cocktails. Each drink is made with high-quality ingredients, house-made syrups, and lots of love.

Location: 3123 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057


12. Chainsaw

Karla Subero Pittol is a Venezuelan-born and Echo Park-raised chef. After strengthening her skills in L.A.’s well-known restaurants, she’s created a cuisine venture of her own—right out of her garage. Every month her once parking space is now a full-fledged restaurant named Chainsaw. Every month she hosts different chefs and cultural eats. Learn more about Chainsaw here.

Location: Pittol’s innovative concept has become a local infatuation, and dinners are RSVP only—which fill up fast. You can sign up for text message updates here. The location is released once you book your spot.


13. Cafe Calle

Nothing beats the warm smell of coffee in the morning. If you’re in need of some of that sweet caffeine aroma―along with an even better taste―Cafe Calle is the answer. They offer all of that goodness and more with every sip of their coffee. Diana Martinez started the business as a street vendor, and with love and dedication, she opened their first shop this year.

Location: 3310 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90011


14. Sugar Taco

Vegans and taco lovers, rejoice! This spot is for each and every one of you. Sugar Taco offers yummy plant-based Mexican food from tacos to quesadillas. Daniella Monet and Jayde Nicole started the restaurant in an effort to show us all that not only is a vegan lifestyle very much possible―but it’s also delicious!

Location: 7257 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046


15. Sad Girl Creamery

Many people were saddened by the loss of the Choco Taco, but Sue Mancini of Sad Girl Creamery knows the perfect way to heal your broken heart. She incorporates her culture and childhood to create the perfect ice cream treats that fill you with sweet nostalgia. Her Strawberry Shortcake Taco and Che Taco are our personal favorites, and you can have them every Sunday this month at Smorgusburg.

Location: Sundays at Smorgusburg, 777 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90021


16. Vinovore

Exterior of Vinovore wine shop with a red vintage BMW parked in front

This fabulously pink wine shop was opened up by sommelier Coly Den Haan and features woman-owned natural made wines and goods from all over the world! From white to red and everything in-between, she has everything to get your sip on. They have two locations, one in Eagle Rock and another in Silver Lake.

Location: Eagle Rock: 4627 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041 & Silver Lake: 616 N Hoover St, Los Angeles, CA 90004


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