Rolling Stone - March 2021

Rolling Stone - March 2021

Bottle (Delivery) Service: 13 Wine Clubs to Keep Your Racks Well-Stacked During Quarantine

From small-batch offerings and female-fronted wineries to curated picks for the oenophile, here’s where to stock up on wine right now

Normally, we try to steer clear of drinking alone, but these are far from normal times. And given the current predicaments we find ourselves in—bars, restaurants, and clubs shuttered, big events and weekends in wine country cancelled, socializing with people outside your household highly discouraged—sipping solo is often the only option and sometimes, sadly, a much-needed comfort. (In fact, online alcohol sales have spiked during the pandemic according to market data).

Luckily, in a twist of universal good fortune, it has never been easier to get high-quality vino from producers around the world, delivered from appellation to your address in record time thanks to the best online wine clubs.

Whether you’re mad for Malbec, gaga for Gamay, or crazy for Chianti, there’s a club for you. Are you a newbie who appreciates lengthy tasting notes, or are you ready to dominate the sommelier exam? There’s a club for you. Watching your wallet closely or itching to spend that stimulus on all the Sangiovese? There’s a club for you too. Even if you only want to drink biodynamic wine made by women, yeah, you guessed it — we’ve found a wine club for you.

“There’s a club for all of it; so many options out there, each curated with a different perspective,” says Coly Den Haan, som/owner of Los Angeles’ boutique Vinovore and curator of her own monthly club, WOLFPACK. “Wine clubs are an amazing way to try new wines that might not be on your radar or in your normal drinking comfort zone. Some people love taking the thought out of what to buy and there’s something to be said for the ease of wines that feel like a little surprise present coming to your door,” she continues. “Clubs also make sure you have wine stocked for a special dinner, a gift in a pinch, or a cure for a bad day.”

To ensure you’re covered should any of those need-bottle moments arise, or if you’re simply looking to expand your palate and continue your wine education beyond the limited inventory of the corner bodega, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best wine clubs to try online.



Vinovore's Wolfpack Wine Club

Best Wine Club For: Supporting female-owned businesses and lady winemakers

The aforementioned Angeleno Coly Den Haan is the leader of the pack when it comes to natural wines made by women. It’s her Silver Lake shop’s specialty and the club is a continuation of her mission to spread the gospel of girls and their grapes in a knowledgeable but lighthearted way. There are two club categories: “Hair Of The Dog” (two or three bottles in each shipment) and “Party Animal” (four or five bottles a month). Both come in all red, all white, or a mixed bag that can include Rosé or her private label. A more intimate operation than many of her list mates, Vinovore is only authorized to ship to 13 states currently. Locals who are thirsty like the wolf can swing by for pickups, which is a good excuse to cash in on the 10% in-store discount that comes with enrollment.

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