Luxury Guidebook - March 2019

Luxury Guidebook - March 2019


From novel gastronomic concepts to tours that celebrate femininity, in LA the local scene offers a series of activities to be enjoyed during the month that commemorates International Women's Day.

 During the month of March, we commemorate the efforts that women have undertaken in the history of humanity to achieve many of the rights they now enjoy; There are many enterprising, creative, who leave their mark and transform the world, who enjoy it in full freedom. And the tourism sector is no stranger to this phenomenon. According to a study by the  Global Travel Study  conducted by  British Airways , almost 50% of women around the world enjoy traveling as a way to know themselves and 75% of women are planning a trip right now. lonely in the coming years.

So there is no better way to commemorate  Women's Month  than to pack up and fly to Los Angeles, where the scene of the women's movement takes shape with creative culinary proposals, tours and different activities by successful women. Here we present the best options to put together an agenda full of feminine empowerment.

Ideal Hosting

In February 2018,  Hotel Figueroa  reopened after an extensive renovation. An outstanding fact is that the property was opened for the first time in 1926 and originally served as an exclusive hotel for women by the YWCA; According to an  LA Times article , the hotel was "financed, built and operated by and for femininity" and served as a refuge for female travelers. Maude Bouldin was the hotel's first administrative director and is also recognized as the country's first manager.

Nowadays, the public areas of Hotel Figueroa have a list of female artists based in LA at different stages of their careers. In addition, the hotel's art program acts as a platform to support emerging artists while showing the talents of local artists. A variety of works of art has been exhibited in the past, through the works of Jesse Mockrin and Whitney Hubbs, to Sarah Awad.


Culinary revolution

Los Angeles was recognized as the   most exciting gastronomic hub in the United States by  Zagat  - which is not surprising to those who have been following LA's food scene in recent years. Within the culinary talent of LA, the cooks dominate like never before. Diners can savor the dishes of the incredible female culinary masterminds from around the world that are serving a wide range of options, from Spanish to Japanese cuisine.

  • Sqirl , chef Jessica Koslow's trendy restaurant, opened in 2012 and has helped transform Virgil Village, on the border of East Hollywood and Silver Lake, into one of LA's next emerging neighborhoods by attracting locals and visitors equally. Chef Koslow's breakfast and lunch menus inspired around the world are a hit and their popular homemade jams are a must.
  • Along Calle Figueroa in Highland Park, an area full of daring gastronomic options, is the chef Teresa Montaño, who gives life to her second restaurant,  Otoño , a modern Spanish restaurant with 70 seats. With ingredients from California, chef Montaño serves popular dishes such as delicious seafood paellas and meat and vegetable tapas. Autumn was named one of the best new restaurants in Los Angeles in 2018 by  Time Out .
  • After years of anticipation, the winner of Season 12 of  Top Chef , Mei Lin, recently opened  Nightshade , a restaurant with capacity for 60 people in the Art District, Downtown LA The spacious space features a creative pan-Asian menu with modern touches and Californian style, marks Chef Lin's first solo adventure.
  • AOC  is located along the modern 3rd Street of LA and offers a menu beautifully curated by chef Suzanne Goin, the fifth woman to receive theJames Beard Foundation'sprize for  best chef in the history of the organization.
  • The acclaimed N / Naka , located in the Westside neighborhood of Palms, is a creation of the amazing chef, Niki Nakayama, who appeared in the Netflix documentary series  "Chef's Table . " With a focus on the Kaiseki menu,  N / Naka  has helped propel a new wave of Japanese-style restaurants in the Los Angeles area. 
  • Vinovore Wine Shop , the local favorite, opened its doors in the emerging neighborhood of Virgil Village on the border of East Hollywood and Silver Lake in 2017. The owners, Coly Den Haan and Dean Harada, have hundreds of unique and selected bottles in stock. The best winemakers in the world. In this incredible place you will discover tel vino that best suits you according to taste profiles of your choice. Vinovore also regularly organizes wine tastings that highlight these winemakers.
  • Fans of artisanal cocktails should visit the magnificent Art Deco- style lounge   Genever, located in the historic neighborhood of Filipinotown. This beautiful hideout where the motto  "Drink is queen" stands out , is owned by three Filipinas and is operated by  Red Capiz Partners . The elegant bar, known for its gin-based cocktails, celebrates its first anniversary in March. Genever was named one of the best bars in Los Angeles in 2018 by  Time Out.


To complete the agenda

The most recent exhibition of  Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles  Annie Leibovitz The Early Years, 1970 - 1983 , is a must. This is the first complete exhibition in LA dedicated to the first works of the renowned American artist. More than 4,000 photographs are shown that will be on display until April 14, 2019.

Those traveling to LA can enjoy a two-hour feminist tour of the  Getty Center  on a truly  Badass B **** tour  which celebrates the stories of different female artists.

Do not hesitate and enjoy the feminine air of LA in a very empowering day!

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