Love & Loathing Los Angeles - February 2021

Love & Loathing Los Angeles - February 2021


Love and Loathing LA Valentine's Day

Once again, we must holiday in a new way! Even on day 932945 of the pandemic, things still look a little different this February so we find ourselves challenged to think a bit outside of the box of chocolates and get creative with ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021. I have never been one to go big on Valentine’s Day, but this year I think we might all need an excuse to celebrate something, so why not let it be love for a day. Love for a significant other, love for a friend, love for a pet, love for a family member, or better yet, love for yourself. (Flowers, face masks, and chocolate – all qualify as “self-care”.)

 In terms of celebrating, if you’d rather stick to the classics like roses, teddy bears, and chocolates from CVS, you do you – it’s the thought that counts right? But, if you’re thinking about actually putting some thought into celebrating Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day for that matter), let us discuss. Even though it may feel like we can’t do much and that fun is canceled, if there’s anything we’ve learned over the past year (YEAR, I know) it’s that that couldn’t be further from the truth, SO, let’s get creative, let’s have some fun with it, spread a little love, and celebrate the LA way.

Here are a few local happenings and local businesses to consider helping create an extra special day!!

Love and Loathing La v-day fun


Because no one does wine and wine gifting like Vinovore. You have to see the number of fun gift boxes they offer to believe it!!!

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