Love & Loathing LA - October 2018

Love & Loathing LA - October 2018


In the eternal words of Beyonce… “who run the world? GIRLS.”

So today, October 11th, we celebrate International Day of the Girl. International #dayofthegirl is a resolution adopted by The UN meant to recognize gender injustices towards girls around the world. Everyone is encouraged to join the UN in celebrating “girls everywhere who inspire, innovate, and take charge of their future.” (via @UN_Women on Twitter)

I meet or become aware of an inspiring woman in LA probably every single day. I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many strong women, and we as a community are better in so many ways for all of their dedication and hard work.

As a female entrepreneur myself, I am proud to support female run businesses, in fact I make it a point! Whether it be the women in PR, marketing, blogging, branding, etc that I work with on a daily basis or those I simply just look up to and admire, I am a firm believer that we are stronger together. Today I want to give a major shout out to girls out there working on their dreams, daring to be different, and truly making a difference.

In honor of today, I wanted to share a list of a few personal favorite female run businesses in LA: 

Unique Markets & The Unique Space: The Unique Markets are LA’s most beloved local pop-ups and retail experiences to help small and independent businesses grow. The Unique Space in DTLA is “part modern, communal office space, part special events and wedding venue.”

Founder: Sonja Rasula

Vinovore: a wine shop based in Silver Lake that supports lady winemakers.

Founder: Coly Den Haan

PeopleMap & ilovecreatives: PeopleMap is an instagram growth tool that helps you maximize engagement through authentic community growth and campaign tracking. And if you’re not already signed up for the ilovecreatives newsletter… how is that even possible!

Founder: Puno

MISA Los Angeles: A modern day bohemian collection inspired for women living on a whim. I wore one of their most recent creations to the Veuve Polo Classic!

Founder: Shadi Askari Farhat

Anine Bing: Luxurious essentials for an effortless look with stores in LA, New York, Paris, London, Barcelona and Madrid. She also started a kids line so she is just all. over. it.

Founder: Anine Bing

Elle Communications: A media strategy, influencer support and PR agency who helps clients in the service-oriented, social good space.

Founder: Danielle Finck

Hey Mama Co: A working mothers tribe that helps you stay connected, driven and balanced.

Co-Founder: Amri Kibbler

Co-Founder: Katya Libin

The Giving Keys: A social good company that exists to employ those transitioning out of homelessness in Los Angeles to make necklaces and other jewelry out of repurposed keys. 

Founder: Caitlin Crosby

Brightland Olive Oil: This may sound odd, but it’s an extra virgin olive oil company that is consciously handcrafted in California, has a high smoke point and is perfect for cooking, baking, drizzling and all around living. 

Founder: Aishwarya Iyer

Haati Chai & Amarilo: Everyday heirloom jewelry that is luxuriously, ethically and consciously crafted.

Co-Founder: Stella Simona

Co-Founder: Ali Heiss

Matte Black: A brand marketing and creative studio, that also produces a monthly publication and houses a photo network.

Founder: Chelsea Matthews

coolhaus: “inventive ice cream with an architectural twist” – you can craft your own perfect ice cream sandwich at their Culver City shop, or shop their pre-made frozen treats in grocery stores everywhere.

Co-Founder: Natasha Case

Co-Founder: Freya Estreller 

Hedley & Bennett: handcrafted aprons made in LA for chefs and makers. If you havent visited their Vernon based factory, you are welcome! It’s an incredible space (several events are held here, several of which I have been to), and you can have the rare opportunity to see the production in action.

Founder: Ellen Bennett

Clique Brands: Who What Wear, Byrdie, My Domaine – just to name a few under the Clique umbrella. I have been a Who What Wear reader (and consumer) for years, and the magnitude to which this brand has grown into has been awe inspiring. And it all started with just two bad ass women in fashion.

Co-Founder: Katherine Power

Co-Founder: Hillary Kerr

Krupa Consulting: “strategic PR agency, focusing on all things culinary, from food brands to restaurants, and all aspects of wellness.” I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel and her team of some of the most badass chicks in the game for years, and watching this company grow (and grow and grow and grow) has been incredibly inspiring.

Founder: Rachel Krupa

Cuyana: gorgeous and timeless essentials for the modern woman grounded in simple functionality. Not to mention all of their creations are ethically sourced and produced, and are of the highest quality. Visit the Cuyana shop on Abbot Kinney to see it all in person.

Co-Founder: Karla Gallardo

Co-founder: Shilpa Shah

BEEK: one of my absolute favorite shoe/leather sandal brands period. Detail, style, quality, and comfort are of the utmost importance with Beek, and every single shoe is crafted by hand. They make beautiful shoes that only get better with time.

Co-Founder: Kenna Bertell Florie

Co-Founder: Birgit Klett

This is a very short list of the women in LA doing big things, so this is where YOU tell ME who you love!