A blond woman on a magazine cover with the word: Angeleno

Angeleno Magazine - November 2017


"I love going to wine shops, and I love the experience, but I always felt like there was something missing for me," explains Coly Den Haan, who recently opened Vinovore (vino-vore.com)––a wine and goods shop focused on female-made vinos––in Silver Lake. "I wanted a warmer and easier atmosphere that still had great wines and a focus on luxury products, but also highlighted the amazing female winemakers out there." In addition to a wide selection of hard-to-find bottles––90 percent of which are from female-run vineyards––Vinovore also offers wine classes, curated gift boxes, and more. Says Den Haan: "At the end of the day, I am after female-wine-world domination!" -MM

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