Ladies Road Map - February 2019

Ladies Road Map - February 2019


Get Acquainted

Coly Den Haan is a third generation Restaurateur and a Sommelier who has opened the hippest wine store ever!  

Coly is getting a lot of attention for opening VINOVORE (a clever play on the word carnivore) the first wine store anywhere to sell only wines made by female vintners.  Coly and her partners opened 2 restaurants in the past 10 years to many accolades and awards. We dish on what it’s like to be in the restaurant business and the reason she is enjoying her wine store so much.


In this Episode...

Hear all about  Vinovore’s clever twist for their tasting chart and selling wine.


What kind of Vinovore are you?

Silver = Fox

Purple= Ape

Red= Lion

Bronze =T Rex


Learn some tips for key words when ordering wines in a restaurant.  You don’t have to pay a fortune for good wine.

We talk about the subtle differences in the wine made by women and how more often than not they are going organic with their wineries.  Small batch wines can be cleaner and unique. You can order wine from Vinovore online or at this great store.

If you love wine you will love this show!


  • Check out Coly’s store here.
  • What kind of Vinovore are you? Find out here.

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