LA Magazine - November 2020

LA Magazine - November 2020

Some Bottles of Sparkling Wine to Pop This Fine Morning

It has been a long, stressful political campaign season and an excruciating few days—and no matter which candidate you supported, it feels like we’re all ready to celebrate the closing of a difficult chapter in American history.

This morning, Joe Biden—who more than 71 percent of L.A. voters cast ballots for—was declared President-elect.

To mark the occasion, we reached out to Coly Den Haan of Vinovore for some picks of sparkling wine–all produced in states that voted for Joe Biden. Hopefully, as a country, we can all enjoy a moment to take a deep breath, unclench our jaws, and prepare for any challenges in the days to come.


Maloof L’ Eau Epicée Pét-Nat
Winemaker: Bee Maloof
Location: Willamette, OR

“Not your nana’s bubbly, this wine is a shining, bright beacon of happy flavors with a positive zest for life that is refreshing and well deserved. A sparkler that makes your mouth stand up and clap!”


Gamine Pét-Nat Rosé Grenache
Winemaker: Kate Norris
Location: Applegate Valley, WA

This mouthwatering and murky sparkling rose will definitely brighten your day! Loads of pulpy peaches and slate-like minerality will have you singing ‘pour some bubbles on me’!”


Zafa “Poetic Justice” Pét-Nat
Winemaker: Krista Scruggs
Location: Burlington, VT

“The name says it all!”


Solminer Nebullite
Winemaker: Anna Delaski
Location: Los Olivos, CA

“This sparkling red is a galaxy of freeze-dried strawberry dust with fizzy herbal sprinkles racing across time, space, and your mouth.”

Donkey and Goat Lilly’s Pét-Nat
Winemaker: Tracey Brandt
Location: Berkley, CA

“A real stunner exploding with bouncy bubbles like an all-night foam party, she loves to get down and celebrate!”

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