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Imbibe - December 2017

The Imbibe 75: People, places and flavors that will shape the way you drink in 2018.

Get out your calendar—you’ve got some planning to do. Following is our annual list of the 75 people, places, destinations and directions that will be shaping the drinks world in 2018 and beyond. Find the time to check out a new bar or café, or visit an up-and-coming brewer or a seasoned sommelier, and plan a trip to experience the drinks scene in a distant city, or set aside time to discover a new favorite style of wine or beer. This list should get you started—and be sure to visit us at imbibemagazine.com to learn more about the 2018 Imbibe 75. 

LA’s Silver Lake neighborhood gained a new wine destination in September with the opening of Vinovore, the venture of sommelier Coly Den Haan (The Must, Perch). Vinovore’s entire current inventory comes from female winemakers (including husband-wife and father- daughter teams) who inspired Den Haan’s work, and there’s a spotlight on organic, biodynamic and natural wines. “We wanted to build a shop with a soul, something living and breathing. It’s comfortable and interactive,” she says, pointing to the unique tasting chart system as a standout feature. Based on mood instead of flavor, the illustrated system suggests bottles in the same way horoscopes might predict one’s fortune. “There are seasoned wine experts on staff who are happy to help answer any questions, but our tasting chart allows the consumer to take the buying process into their own hands and try something new,” she says. “Plus, it’s super fun!”

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