Goop - June 2020

Goop - June 2020

The Wine Delivery and Subscription Guide

Goop talks wine with Vinovore owner Coly Den Haan

A slew of our long-loved spots in both NYC and LA are offering curbside pickup, and we included many of them in our recent guide “How to Order In and Help Out.” This list of all-stars, however, is intended to be your personal wine-delivery Rolodex—“delivery” being the key word here. At a time when leaving home can feel like a lot, a quality bottle of chilled rosé at your door to sip alongside GP’s chopped salad—which we cannot (and will not) stop making for dinner—can make all the difference.

In the spirit of vetting what we preach, we’ve limited this list to the wine stores, subscription services, and restaurants with stellar wine selections that we regularly order from ourselves. For the most part, we’re into low-intervention, organic wines, and many of our inclusions reflect just that. Not all wines were created equal, and for an easily digestible introduction to understanding labels and the dos and don’ts of wine production, click here. Otherwise, start scrolling, load up your cart, dust off the corkscrew (if it isn’t in rotation already), and prepare for a summer of cold sips and heavy pours.

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