Full Time Travel - June 2023

Full Time Travel - June 2023

My Hometown: Welcome to Los Angeles, With Podcast Host Elizabeth Kott

In FTT’s series My Hometown, notable travelers divulge local places they couldn’t live without.

This month, Elizabeth Kott, wellness industry expert and co-host of the beloved podcast That’s So Retrograde, shares her go-tos for Los Angeles – specifically, in and around her neighborhood of Silver Lake. 

From a female-owned natural wine store and the most stylish dispensary in the city, to an infrared sauna studio and a life-changing facial,  Elizabeth’s recommendations will show you how to live well on your next trip to LA. 

My hometown is special because there is always something new to discover, it is filled to the brim with creative people, and that translates to the businesses here being unique and trend forward.

I’m partial, but the best place(s) to stay / coolest neighborhood in my hometown is Silver Lake. There never used to be hotels in the neighborhood, but we've had two open recently on the east side: Silver Lake Pool & Inn and the Cara Hotel

When you're in my hometown, you absolutely need to pick up a bottle of female-grown wine from natural wine shop, Vinovore, and order the beef roll, jidori chicken, wood ear mushroom and lotus root from Pine & Crane.

poolside view with city behind

When friends visit my hometown, I always take them to a dispensary. In particular, I love Sweet Flower, their staff is really knowledgeable and it is merchandised beautifully there, which is always a hit with my out-of-towners.

If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, indulge in your purchases from the dispensary and then take a hike around the Silver Lake reservoir then end up at LAMILL for coffee and pastries.

I spend far too much money at Erewhon, cringe because this is the ultimate LA cliche and I’m absolutely ok with that.

When you're in the mood for some "me time" head straight to Pause Studio in Hollywood for an infrared sauna and a cold plunge.

My secret obsession is venturing to the west side for a skin clearing facial with Jen Kramer at corrective skincare LA.

Something only locals know about my hometown is that Flower Truck LA, a traveling pop up flower shop, is the best way to get blooms for your space. 

Don't end a trip to my hometown without going on an early morning hike at Griffith Park up to the observatory. You’ll get beautiful views of the city spanning from Downtown to the ocean and there’s something truly special about LA mornings in nature that is hard to top.

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