Food For Net - January 2019

Food For Net - January 2019

14 Champagne And Rosé Wine Of The Month Clubs For A Slightly Different Subscription Box

Most wine clubs focus on red and white wines. It's what everyone drinks. Duh. Some of us like a little weirdness in our lives though. After all, local stores will have a large selection of red and white wine already. These champagne and rosé clubs in this list are ideal if you’re looking for something a little bit different.

They all feature all kinds of unique & boutique champagne and/or rosé wines. Some have other types on offer as well, like sparkling whites that are made in the United States.

Clubs like these have many advantages. They provide you with unusual bottles of wine – the good stuff that's hard to find, or only sold locally. You also get the chance to learn about different wine styles. Many companies will send tasting notes and pairing suggestions in your box.

Clubs tend to choose their wines carefully, which means that you’ll always get high-quality wines instead of dealing with the headache of looking for 20 minutes in the store, only to decide on the one with the coolest label.

This type of club can be perfect for impressing people too, like at a dinner party. Why not pull out a bottle of champagne with a story behind it instead of a boring white wine?

(PS. Nothing against white wine LOL. We love white wine clubs too!)

(PPS. We've also got red wine clubs to browse)



Vinovore has multiple interesting features that you won’t find in other clubs. The first, and most obvious, is their marketing angle. There is a strong wolf focus throughout the Vinovore site, including the idea that their wines are fierce. Vinovore also features wine from female winemakers. They have more than 100 different wines available

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