Expedia Japan - February 2019

Expedia Japan - February 2019

Shopping Heaven! Los Angeles Shopping Malls & Outlets

Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive , Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica 's Third Street Promenade are familiar shopping areas that represent Los Angeles.

The shopping areas that appear in these guide books are bustling with travelers every day, but where are the local Los Angeles shoppers going shopping?

This time, from the outlet to the boutique shopping center, the local shopping destinations often visited by locals will be released to the public all at once!

Silver Lake

Silver Lake is an area with a unique atmosphere and hipster culture like the city of San Francisco. Let's enjoy shopping at hip cafes, select shops and shops in private business.

"Vinovore" that stocks women's wines only

Wine lovers are invited to visit, select wine shop "VINOVORE". It is a unique concept shop selling only women's wine maker's items. In addition to Europe such as Italy, they have many wines from California and Los Angeles.

In the same store, it is also a device to choose wine. From the boards on the wall, check which type of "animal" you are, depending on the type, taste and mood of the wine. Please refer to the color of this animal and the color of the seal stretched over each wine and look for your favorite wine.

Display a variety of wines on the wall. Especially, the original sparkling wine "VINOVOIR ($ 24)". At first glance, it looks sweet because it is pink, but it is actually sour and dry.

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