Vinovore gift box of wine, dominos, a card game and bottle opener

Bizmash - March 2018

8 New Ideas for Entertaining in Los Angeles

From new meeting breaks to the latest in cannabis edibles, here's what's new for 2018 in Los Angeles.


Recently opened in Silver Lake, specialty wine shop Vinovore offers its version of gift boxes called “Beast Boxes.” Each box is filled with hand-chosen wine and curated items like rose gold wine openers, toys, or precious stones matched to personality types, from outdoorsy (the Badger Box with enamelware wine cups and a canteen) to mystical (the Unicorn Box with crystals) to homebody (the Sloth Box with retro toys). The boxes can also be tailored to an event. Pricing starts around $25 to $30 and can go to $250, depending on the wine and other items in the box. The Beast Boxes are sold in store only.

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