ABC 7 - May 2019

ABC 7 - May 2019

Silver Lake wine shop celebrates female winemakers.

SILVER LAKE (KABC) -- Coly De Haan is the owner of Vinovore, a wine shop in Silver Lake that celebrates female winemakers. 

"It was kind of around the election, and I thought we were going to have our first female president so I was very charged up and had the idea to only carry female winemakers" said De Haan. "When I started asking my peers about it, they were all very supportive." 

Though she wanted her shop to have a female focus, she didn't want it to feel like a shop that only women could enjoy. 

"I didn't want it to be gimmicky like 'Boss-Lady Wines' or paint the whole thing pink," she said. "I think one of the most important things is not just women supporting women but men supporting women. We have a lot of male customers, I would say probably more than women." 

"I did not see the sign that says 'Lady Winemakers' until just now," said a male customer. "But it didn't really matter to me either way. It's a wine store. She's very pleasant and it's a cool store." 

But others stop by the store for the exact reason that there is a focus on female winemakers. 

"I found out the first time I was here that it was all women winemakers, all made by women. So we specifically came over here today because of that," said another customer. 

De Haan says her favorite part of owning Vinovore is having female winemakers reach out to her about wanting their wine sold in her shop. She describes it as, "kind of the coolest thing in the world for me."

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